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Barry Luijbregts lives in the Netherlands and is a software architect and developer.

  • Azure overview

    Tags: Azure

    I have been struggling with keeping track of the Microsoft Azure platform as it is so large and changes constantly (which is a good thing). So, I’ve been researching where to find an overview of all … more

  • Ramblings about technical debt

    Tags: technical debt; ramblings

    Products have a life expectancy – a time that they operate as expected before they need fixing or replacement. This is true for almost all products. A meat product for instance, can only be kept ‘ … more

  • Be effective, not (only) efficient

    Tags: Effectiveness, non-tech


    Just a little post on something other than technology for a change.

    Time and time again, I hear customers wanting to be more efficient, things like “We need to make this process more … more